SLR 5 September 2017

SLRS is committed to environmental management, and protecting the local environment entrusted into its care for present and future generations to enjoy. As such, an Environmental Management System (EMS) was developed that complies with International Standard – ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems – Requirements and guidelines for use.

By operating under these guidelines and the EMS, SLRS is able to not only protect the environment but improve its environmental performance as the manager of Sanctuary Lakes Resort in a number of areas such as reduced energy and water consumption, the prevention and management of pollution risks, and the management of the lake which plays an important role in our local environment.

Recycled water is also now used to irrigate nature strips, street trees and public open spaces. This water is processed at the Altona Recycled Water Treatment Plant, using wastewater from households and businesses. The treatment centre has high standards for recycled water, and it undergoes an intensive filtration process before it is able to be used – and helps us reduce our overall drinking water community consumption (the drinking water we purchase and use as a community).

Although safe for use in irrigation, please note that recycled water is not suitable for drinking, bathing or showering in.