Dan and his wife and three children have been living in Sanctuary Lakes Resort since 2017. 

Dan's professional background includes business startups, executive leadership, technology, and project management, bringing a unique blend of skills to the SLRS board. 

Currently serving as the COO/CTO and board member of an Australian accounting & advisory firm, Dan has a proven track record in operations management, contractor management, system and process development, business and tech consulting, and compliance risk management.

Dan's diverse experience spans industries including Telecommunications, Accounting, Hospitality, Security and IT. He has successfully led and collaborated on multiple large, high-profile projects such as the National Broadband Network rollout.

A holder of a MBA in Innovation & Leadership, Dan has previously provided consultancy services to State Governments and Not-for-Profits. In addition to his professional endeavours, he enjoys golf, cooking and entertaining, and loves hiking and the outdoors.

Dan is committed to leveraging his multi-disciplinary expertise for the betterment of the Sanctuary Lakes community. He is eager to collaborate with fellow Board and Committee members to achieve the most sustainable, cost-effective, and desirable outcomes for our community.

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Adam Rowland has been a dedicated resident of Sanctuary Lakes since 2014. Over the past ten years, he has been an active member of his Owners Corporation Committee, serving in various capacities including as an Authorised Representative.

With a wealth of management experience spanning government, tertiary, and private sectors, Adam brings a unique blend of skills and insights to his role at Sanctuary Lakes Resort Services Limited (SLRS). He holds several formal qualifications, including a Master of Business (Management), a Graduate Certificate in Policy and Human Services, and a Bachelor of Business Studies. His professional background is marked by leading diverse teams in complex environments, managing transformative change projects, driving process improvements, and fostering robust collaborative partnerships. Adam has consistently delivered organisation-wide initiatives and solutions.

Adam is passionately committed to the mission of SLRS to manage and maintain the community's assets, ensuring that services are delivered equitably to each lot owner and that SLRS operates in an affordable, sustainable, and risk-managed manner. He is dedicated to ensuring that Sanctuary Lakes remains a vibrant and well-managed environment for all residents.

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Originally from South Africa, having lived in the United Kingdom and the USA, and now settled in Melbourne, Don has been a resident in Jardin Estate since mid-2019 and in the process of settling on a new build. He is also an active member of the Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club.

Don holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Law), Bachelor of Laws, both from Rhodes University (South Africa) and a Master of Laws from Boston University (USA). Don is an admitted solicitor in Victoria and has an extensive legal and commercial background as a former senior finance lawyer at a leading global law firm in Melbourne and currently as a Senior Legal Counsel at a global renewable energy company for their Australian and New Zealand businesses.

Don’s experience cuts across advising on project financing, mergers and acquisitions and general corporate law. Don’s experience also includes advising boards on general day-to-day company secretariat and governance matters.

Don brings strong legal and commercial acumen, as well as a solid understanding on day-to-day operations of a company from a senior management point of view. Outside the workplace, Don is a sports fanatic, both on and off the field, and enjoys keeping fit and spending a lot of time with family and friends.


Surjeet has been actively involved and participated in the SLRS in various roles since 2007. She is the current Chair of Kingfisher Island’s Committee and a Representative to the Super OC. Overseas, she was Secretary of a large resident organisation for five years, liaising with residents and government authorities for the betterment of the suburb.

Surjeet’s professional career spans across several continents.  In the corporate sector, she has worked with national/international organisations in administration, management and finance roles. Presently, she is a post-doctoral researcher and Hon. Fellow, Asia Institute, at the University of Melbourne. Surjeet brings her multi-sector management skills, experiences and diverse perspectives to SLRS.




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Lisa Hopkinson has lived in Sanctuary Lakes since emigrating to Australia from South Africa in 2008.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Law) and a Bachelor of Laws degree obtained in South Africa. She is a legal practitioner with over 20 years law experience working in large law firms, international multidisciplinary professional services firms and government agencies. She has experience in commercial, property, contract, competition and consumer protection law. She currently specializes in the design of legal and governance frameworks that regulate prices and services provided by monopolies.  

Lisa sees synergies between the work she does and the services that SLRS provides. The frameworks she works with ensure efficient operation of and investment in services through well-understood legal arrangements, good governance, good planning, and easily accessible, reliable and independently verifiable information. Lisa can bring skills and expertise to support more transparent, informed and effective frameworks for setting service levels and fees to apply at Sanctuary Lakes Resort for the benefit of Lot Owners.


Dr. Ali Khan moved to Sanctuary Lakes (Stage 1) in 2020 from Berwick to join family who are residents of Sanctuary Lakes Resort since 2003. Dr Ali Khan is the Chair and Authorised Representative of SLRS (Stage 1).

Dr. Khan is the Chief Executive / Chairman of Victoria Crescent Medical Group, he has served as the CEO of Local Government Councils and Indigenous Health Corporations in Victoria, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland.

Dr. Khan has a Doctorate in Clinical Audiology, a PHD in Economics and an MBA degree. Dr. Khan will bring to the Board a wealth of experience in governance, financial management, community engagement and economic growth. Dr. Khan has served as a Bail Justice for the State of Victoria since 2004.His interests include Hot Air Ballooning, Badminton and Travel.




Jeanette Ward


Jeanette Ward currently resides in Gleneagles (Stage 21) and has been living in Sanctuary Lakes Resort since 2014.

Jeanette is a licensed estate agent with over 20 years of property management experience, including managing body corporates for industrial commercial properties and contractor management.

Jeanette has vast experience in owners corporation management, property management and contractor management and has experience when it comes to making business decisions.






It's such an honour to have the opportunity of serving my community as a Board Member of SLRS. Having lived in Sanctuary Lakes for 10 years, I have seen its positive changes. I will strive to help the Board and Management team hear residents' voices so that we can all work together to make Sanctuary Lakes a better and happier community.

As a Chartered Financial Analyst charter holder, I have worked in the finance industry for more than 15 years. The companies that I served are across different fields such as asset management, brokerage, advisory, media, and Cryptos. Before I came to Australia, I studied and worked in the United States. I hope I can bring diversity and new perspectives to the board while trying my best to make a difference.


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With a rich tapestry of experience spanning over 15 years, Jacqui Knight is a seasoned Company Secretary, bringing her expertise to the forefront of Sanctuary Lakes Resort Services.

Hailing from the UK, Jacqui embarked on her Australian journey in 2007, planting her roots in Sydney. It was here that she laid the foundation for her own Corporate Secretarial and virtual support company, tailored to meet the unique needs of Not-for-Profit clients.

Drawing from her extensive tenure, notably at the Australian Institute of Company Directors, she will bring robust corporate governance support to Sanctuary Lakes Resort Services.