Waterfront Cafe

Anaia Café - Restaurant - Bar - 14 May 2024 

We are excited to confirm that the agreement for the new café has now been finalised and we are pleased to inform you that Anaia, the new Cafe - Restaurant - Bar, is set to open its doors in mid-2024!

The Sanctuary Lakes Resort community has eagerly anticipated this contemporary addition to our hospitality offering, and we are excited about the quality food, coffee, and ambiance that Anaia promises to deliver. The venue, with its breathtaking views of the lake, will soon become a favourite spot for residents to gather with loved ones.

The proprietors of Anaia bring a wealth of expertise to the table, and have an impressive track record of success, managing a portfolio of Cafes, Restaurants and Bars throughout Melbourne, including Sons of Manor in Manor Lakes and Chirnside Café (which is temporarily closed due to the structural works at Pacific Werribee).

With the formalities now done, renovation plans are underway for both the interior and exterior spaces, and we're all looking forward to the transformation of the venue into something truly special.

As we progress towards the mid-2024 launch, we'll keep you informed with regular updates through our Newsletters and the Residents App. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting development!

SLRS will continue to provide updates on the progress of the new Café and associated works via:

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  • Website (What’s Happening Page)
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Waterfront Building Redevelopment Final Update (Project 04/19)

Phase 1 - Options RESULTS
As advised in the last Special Newsletter dated 18th May 2023, the individual OC results from Survey #2 were sharedwith each of the OC Committees, so that they could provide their final vote via their Authorised Representatives, aswhether to proceed to Phase 2 Planning of the Project.

At the recent General Meeting of SLRS held on Tuesday 13th June 2023 and at a subsequent Board meeting of SLRS held on Wednesday 14th June 2023, it was resolved NOT to continue to Phase 2 – Planning for the Waterfront Building Redevelopment Project. As a result, the Project has now closed.

I would like to thank the Lot Owners, OC Committees, Authorised Representatives, Community Engagement Panel andstaff at SLRS for contributing to the Waterfront Building Redevelopment Project process.

While the outcome has given a clear result of "no" to a large scale rebuild/renovation of the Waterfront Building, thechallenge now is how to renew and refresh a 25+ year resort whilst maintaining the standards.

I would like to invite owners to join your respective OC Committee and help shape what Sanctuary Lakes Resort lookslike into the future. The flow of ideas starts with Lot owners, is further discussed through your OC Committee and, viathe Authorised Rep forum, agreed for referral to SLRS. I do urge you to attend your respective OC AGM which will bescheduled between 12th to 25th August 2023. This is the opportunity for you to nominate, engage and participate infuture decisions across the resort.

Kind Regrds,

Jeanette Ward

For all project enquiries, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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