.Craig Pitts



Craig has been a member of the SLRS Board since 2013 and Chair since 2017. He currently resides in Kingfisher Island (Stage 33) and has been living in Sanctuary Lakes Resort since 2008.

Craig has an extensive history in the technology management and delivery in local, national and global companies. He is a thought leader in technology security, IoT, information protection and regulatory management.

The breadth of organisational coverage and strong consultative nature, communication skills and genuine interest in both the residential community and SLRS allow Craig to bring a unique and valuable view on shaping the future of Sanctuary Lakes Resort.






Tom Parkinson


Vice Chair

Tom has been a member of the SLRS Board since 2016 and Vice Chair since 2018. He currently resides in Beachcomber (Stage 3) and has been living in Sanctuary Lakes Resort since 2008.

Tom's career was in the entertainment industry, producing, directing and writing for television, film and theatre. Tom has worked in more than fifteen countries and is credited in 500+ productions. For seven years, he was CEO of Australia's leading production house, Crawford Productions. 

Tom writes a monthly article, Nature's Rubik, which introduces the diverse range of flora and fauna on show at Sanctuary Lakes Resort. Tom brings managerial and communications expertise to SLRS.







Ed Boucaut


Ed has been a member of the SLRS Board since 2014. He currently resides in Gleneagles (Stage 21) and has been living in Sanctuary Lakes Resort since 2011.

Ed is a Professional Environmental Scientist (Member of Environment Institute of Australia and NZ – 198981) and has been providing environmental consulting services across the globe for over 25 years. Ed brings extensive knowledge of environmental legislation and management systems which he has used to assist companies and governments to meet and exceed environmental compliance.

Ed regards Sanctuary Lakes Resort as a hidden secret and he is dedicated to ensuring the resort is managed in a sustainable manner such that his family, the resort community and future generations can enjoy the lifestyle and environmental features we experience today.







David Rava


David has been a member of the SLRS Board since 2015. He lived in Sanctuary Lakes Resort from 2001 until 2019.

David has a strong commercial background and has held a range of managerial roles in the clothing industry before moving to procurement roles in the construction and automotive manufacturing industry. In 2016 David started a new career in Real Estate in the Point Cook area.

David is passionate about enhancing the benefits that come from living within Sanctuary Lakes Resort. His ambition is for Sanctuary Lakes Resort to be known as one of the premium residential locations in the metropolitan area and the first destination of choice for resort living.






Jeanette Ward


Jeanette Ward currently resides in Gleneagles (Stage 21) and has been living in Sanctuary Lakes Resort since 2014.

Jeanette is a licensed estate agent with over 20 years of property management experience, including managing body corporates for industrial commercial properties and contractor management.

Jeanette has vast experience in owners corporation management, property management and contractor management and has experience when it comes to making business decisions.0







Adrian Dent

Adrian Dent

Adrian has been a member of the SLRS Board since October 2020 He is currently resides in the Signature Estate (Stage 28) and has been living in Sanctuary Lakes Resort since 2015.

Adrian brings with him an extensive background in senior management in the service industry, previously working for the Accor and Lancemore Groups of Hotels across Australia. His experience ranges from high end luxury boutique hotels, mid-scale business hotels, facilities management and large scale events, conferencing and wedding operations.

Adrian brings this service experience to the Board along with strong financial business acumen, management experience and leadership skills.







Surjeet Dhanji

Surjeet Dogra Dhanji

Surjeet has been actively involved and participated in various SLRS roles since 2007. She is the current Chair of Kingfisher Island’s Committee and a Representative to the Super OC. Overseas, she was Secretary of a large resident organisation for five years, liaising with residents and government authorities for the betterment of the suburb. Surjeet’s professional career spans across several continents. In the corporate sector, she has worked with national/international organisations in administration, management and finance roles. Presently, she is a post-doctoral researcher and Hon. Fellow, Asia Institute, at the University of Melbourne. Surjeet brings her multi-sector management skills, experiences and diverse perspectives to SLRS.





Julie Jones

Julie Jones  

Julie currently resides in Scenic Drive (Stage 17) and has been living in Sanctuary Lakes Resort for 15 years. Julie has extensive history in operational, performance, quality and risk management within the public health service and has considerable experience in consultation, management of change, industrial relations, compliance and system improvements. Julie currently works for a non-for profit organisation that provides non-legal information and support to individuals navigating the court system. Julie's skills and experience would allow her to positively contribute to improving and sustaining the wonderful place that you are fortunate to live in; as well as influence and support future visions and plans to build exceptional services for residents.





Dilbagh Guha

Dilbagh Kumar Guha

Dilbagh Kumar Guha Dilbagh currently resides in Beachview Parade (Super OC rep) and has been living in Sanctuary Lakes Resorts since 2019 after moving from Singapore. Dilbagh is a Data Science and Analytics professional with over 15 years of expertise in the banking and finance industry. Along with his vast experience in technology, he closely worked with global banks across multiple countries and regulators like AUSTRAC, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Office of Comptroller of Currency (OCC -USA). Most of the project/management roles involve Anti-money Laundering and terrorist financing domain. Dilbagh believes Sanctuary Lakes Resort is one of the prestigious communities to live in. He brings strong financial acumen, thoughtful analysis, clear logic in underlying business decisions, close attention to key dimensions of operations and disciplined performance management.